Hi & Welcome to SOS!

Whether I am picking rocks out of my 10 year olds

behind or catching my 9 year old Googling “hottest sex ever” or apologizing for my 17 year old for driving through my neighbors front lawn (ok that was really me), one thing that I have learned is that life on the cul-de-sac is never what it seems. 

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I am Betty James. 

I have a husband, four kids and three dogs. I am the oldest of three. I am genetically predisposed and actively suffer from acute directional challenge disorder (ADCD) not to be confused with ACDC or ADHD which I also have. Spying On Suburbia serves as my very own SOS.  It has become clear to me that the daily antics that make up my life are sending a not so subtle signal to save our ship or save our souls or send out succor.   This blog is my way of de-stressing the distress. Oh and I am raising two white and two black kids and yeah...


A Brief History of SOS

I first launched SOS back in 2008 after experiencing an existential crisis and winded it down in 2012.

The Longer Version