Have No Picture ID Will Travel

This is the update to my sister’s ID-less travel to Ohio. See blog titled “This Morning” for the details but basically she flew to Ohio with no picture ID. When she arrived at the airport she had only a library card with her ex-husband’s last name, an insurance card with her current husband’s last name and her social security card with her maiden name.

But it was the most important sales call of her career. She had been trying to meet with the VP of Macy’s for six years. People, they let her on the plane with no picture ID. The plan was to fly into Cincinnati and drive downtown (25 miles). Now, the airlines had no problem letting her fly across a couple of states without a picture ID, but Hertz Rent A Car…they have standards-they called her a cab. It was raining when she arrived at Macy’s headquarters.

The guy at the desk said he needed a picture ID. She explained that she had just flown there without one but he didn’t care. He called the VP and told him he needed to come down the 46 floors to escort up his visitor. (His assistant was out sick that day.) T was humiliated. She simply told him she lost her ID nothing more nothing less. The meeting went fabulously! He walked her back down and called her another cab and told her she could wait in the building because of the severe rain. The cab arrived and T hopped in, but then she remembered she didn’t have any money. The cab driver did not speak English and all he could say was that his son needed an f-ing (his words) job. T, being in recruitment, gave him her card and told the cabbie that his son could apply for jobs on their website, from his couch.

So, when she asked him to take her to the ATM and then to pick her up after her second appointment, he was more than happy to oblige. The second meeting was ok. It was time to leave and T was waiting again inside because of the rain. She was thinking about how nice everyone in Cincinnati was…people opening doors for her, the guy at Macy’s, the cab driver. Then she spotted her driver a block up in front of the wrong building. She ran out in her black skirt suit with all her business accessories. She dropped her projector and some man picked it up and ran with her to the cab. Her cell started to ring. She knew it was the cab driver. She was right behind his car and did not have time to rummage through her purse. He started to pull away. She began to scream at the car to wait please wait. Suddenly, a homeless man heard her screaming for the cab and started to chase it yelling that this woman needed the cab.

T was amazed at all the nice people. The cab stopped, grabbed all her stuff and tossed it into the trunk and slammed the door. But she needed her purse. She needed to use his lighter to charge her cell phone. He did not speak English and she kept asking him to open the trunk. He instead took off but T wanted her phone charged so she started to scream at him like he was deaf. “Stop…Open the trunk!” She instead opened the car door and stuck her foot out to get his attention. The homeless man saw this happen and he, thinking that something was being done to poor T, started to chase the cab and bang on the windows and doors until the poor freaked out driver finally stopped. T calmed down the homeless man, got them to open the trunk, retrieved her phone and the driver let her charge it all the way to the airport.

Where, yes, she got back through security with a library card containing her ex-husband’s last name, an insurance card with her current husbands last name and an old social security card with her maiden name and no picture ID.


Elizabeth James