This Morning: Sweet T Travels with No ID

I have to tell you, in case you did not know, but my clothes dryer has a TIMED section. You can actually set the number of minutes that you want to dry your stuff!!!! I had only a towel and saw these arrows and I kept pushing them but then I noticed it said only use with timed dry so I studied the dial and no shit there it was!!! I am so EXCITED! I highly recommend this feature if you are in the market for a dryer.


I may be adding my sister to this as a team blog...she is on the phone with me now and here is what has happened to her this morning: She has waited 6 years to see this client. Yes, for those fellow sales people you understand the magnitude of finally getting a huge appointment like this. The meeting is in Cincinnati. She drove to the airport this morning. She had checked in on line. She gets to the counter and drivers license. She was at a function last night and had it in another purse. She immediately calls poor Rick her co-worker (Know Thy Neighbor). But there is no time. He still agreed to go to her house, crawl through the dog door to get her purse and drive the 30 minutes to the airport just in case. But no time, so she walks to the man and says here is what I have: I have a library card with my ex-husbands last name, a social security card with my maiden name and an insurance card with my current husbands last name and I have no picture ID. She was sweating and tears were very near.

She told him ”sir, I have to get on that plane I have waited six years to see this client.” He said ”Ma’am, we will get you on that plane”. WHAT???? Yes, everyone it is true. She went through some extra security and checks and as I sit here typing she is in Ohio on the way to see her client. I do have to share that she hates flying so once in her seat she took a xanax and then ordered an OJ and dumped her small Vodka that had somehow made it through the extra security and she passed out so hard that when they woke her up she thought her laptop that had been sitting on her lap for the entire flight was the tray and dumped it to the ground. Anyway, what a day and it is only noon...I am off to mow the lawn.


T just called me back to tell me to add that the worse part of it all is that she somehow lost (during the course of all of this) the necklace she just bought at Ann Taylor and she is more upset about this than anything else from this morning because it ”just made her entire outfit”.