Teenage Speedracer

So, of course, my husband is away and the impression I get is that he thinks that the moment he exits the house the 5 of us devolve into a chaotic existence and upon every return (after looking around the house) concludes we had a keg party.   

The problem here is that we are not five of his roommates. We would be me and the kids' ages 9, 10, 15 & 18. I'm not keg partying with the kids and so this is code for you forgot to take the trash to the curb again and the house looks a bit disheveled.  And I have been working on correcting that image and then today happens. 

So lately, I have managed to lay low from the neighborhood and apparently so low that while my husband is out of town and during a layover- He gets a facebook message from the neighborhood mom squad about our teenager's speeding friend.  Then before he can respond another neighbor calls his cell phone to share that Lewis's friend speeds through our neighborhood full of kids.  I'm sure he's standing in Atlanta wondering why they aren't just talking to me over at our house-I am home as in right that very second. Anyway, I get it- I too once cared about the rouge teenager whipping through the culdesac.

But then my husband calls me and ultimately I reinforce his chaotic teenage after-keg party image he conjures up when he thinks about leaving town and me and the kids home alone- by not sharing his sense of urgency. I share it just not really.   

Which leads me to right now...he is en route home, I have cleaned toilets, folded laundry and am scrubbing away hoping I can maintain the clean until he arrives- 45 mins and counting...I don't want him to think we are having keg parties without him.