Hello Again

My first blog post appeared in 2008 around the time we adopted Neil DGT (after Degrasse Tyson) the last was in December 2012.  Six years ago- Yikes- So, at sign-off- Lewis was 12, Beatrice was 10, MJ wasn't here and Neil DGT was 3. Well, Lewis is 18, Beatrice 16, MJ is 10 and Neil DGT is 9. 

And let's just say I wish I was only catching them googling hottest sex ever instead of finding homemade bongs and addressing concerns from N-DGT about being black or more accurately not being white.  Things are complex but filled with all kinds of lessons- good ones and hard ones but learning nonetheless and like my blog of yesteryear lots of laughs along the way.  

I plan to post a couple times per week as I start back up this online journal of my life. This is an outlet for me-meaning there is zero editing happening so apologies in advance.  

B- (For Betty) 


Elizabeth James